Dear Mark,

Joe and I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how pleased we are with our recent experience with Nova Builders. It had always been our dream to have a pool and Nova Builders made sure that our dream did not become a nightmare.

Even though we haven’t taken our first plunge yet, sometimes more important than the finished product is the process. From the initial meeting until project completion, we were impressed with your knowledge, efficiency and dedication. Not only are we pleased with our new pool but equally as important, we have been extremely pleased and impressed with the entire business relationship and in particular, the work ethic of every worker that was onsite during the process. They were all very knowledgeable about their work, always courteous and focused on their job.

Nova’s service and professionalism is a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. It is said that pool contractors are the worst in the construction industry. Nova Builders breaks that typical stereotype. Nova got our pool done fast and they got it right! Mark’s constant oversight gave us a high level of confidence as the project progressed. From the first day, you and your employees kept us informed as to the process and timeline. Someone would show up not only after a rain to evaluate working and product conditions, but also sometimes during a rain. This level of commitment was obvious throughout the process in each worker we observed.

In today’s environment, where the “consumer must beware”, our experience with Nova Builders was refreshing. Certainly all jobs do not go perfectly and ours was no exception, however, when issues did arise you personally saw to it that our concerns were addressed and resolved. You live up to your promise of giving 100%.

We look forward to enjoying our pool this summer. We are proud and confident in recommending Nova Builders to others.


Joe & Dee Gustafson

Pool Owners 



My wife and I have been pool owners for over 23 years in Maryland. We moved for a short time to Florida in 2002, (had a pool there)came back in 2004 and built another home in Maryland. The new home did not have a pool so we started looking for a builder to help us. We interviewed several companies and found literally the same thing in the pitch, a salesman looking for a sale and trying to sell you on his product. One of the local merchants in Manchester, MD recommended we talk to Mark Weeks at Nova Pools. We called Mark and found out he was not only the sales rep. but also was the owner, contractor and builder. What a refreshing surprise. Mark did what the others failed to do, he listened to our ideas and suggestions. We also told him we were interested in a salt system for the pool and not the traditional chlorine sanitizer. The other companies did not want to put a salt system in. Mark was okay with the request. He also gave us a wide variety of choices on tile and pavers and the type of stone for the waterfall. In a period of 3-5 months, Mark created a beautiful addition to our home with a pool, paver patio , stone steps and a magnificent waterfall. We are finishing our second season with our new pool and could not be happier with the outcome. As we all know, they are always some issues that arise as part of a construction project, ours was no different. The difference was that Mark stood behind the pool, fixed any small problem that arose and continued to stay in touch. The reason I mention this is because no matter how good a job you do, service AFTER the sale is ultimately more important than the sale itself. Nova Pools provided the knowledge, the skills and the follow up that is required to be successful and to get referrals for future business. Grace and I will be fans of Nova for a long time !!

Thanks for all you have done...

Dave Miller


Dear Mark,

On behalf of my husband and myself, I want to thank you for all the time you took answering questions for us regarding the installation of our pool. Even though you had seemingly little to gain, you gave us your valuable time to consult with us when we had doubts and questions.

We thought it would be best to finish the year with our contractor that installed our pool to ensure that there were no issue with the warranties(as he indicated there would be if he was not the one to close the pool.) At this time, we have completed our dealings with that installer. 

We have been impressed with your integrity and your business ethics and we would like to have your company be a resource for any future pool needs. We would like Nova Builders to open our pool in the spring and if your company does other types of contracting work, we would like to consider you for future projects.


Arlene Hackbarth

Monkton, Md 21111